Here we go again……bulbs

Every single year I say, no, no, no………I am not going to plant another bulb this fall. No no nah no no…….and bam, I’ve just done it again. My friends know I am seriously impulsive (what kind of disorder is that?) when it comes to hitting the SEND button on the keyboard.

OK, I just succumbed to gladiolus byzantium – circa 1629 – and then to a red spider lily, lycoris somethin somethin. I was just surfing along, reading the Garden Rant blog, and chanced on the uproar re: Heronswood, and found myself at Old House Gardens.

Next thing you know, I have ordered up some bulbs, only 6 total, but fall planted bulbs just the same.

I had never seen lycoris aka red spider lily until today and it is enchanting.  Potted up in one of the wonderful mini-garden tubs at Edwards Greenhouses in Boise, it was peeking out beneath a dahlia and a tomato and other luscious growing things.  It is protea-like, exotic, coral and red and whispery and whiskery and I can envision it next to something dark and succulent like Black Jack sedum. Yes, that’s the ticket, next to Black Jack.  And what else.  Hmmmmmmmm. Well, I have a while to ponder that combo.

As for the byzantium glads, I first encountered them growing at the Idaho Botanical Garden in the Contemporary English Garden.  Tiny, swaying fuschia wands, in the late spring……a delight to  behold.  I ordered up 50 for a modest price, and have been enjoying them all along.  And then, horror of horrors, I read in a gardening publication that I had been misled.  I do not posess the TRUE byzantine glad.  No, the truest of them all is available only from Old House.  OK, so I just ordered up three little bulbs for the princely sum of $34.   I do believe I paid less than half that amount for the first fifty ‘imposters.’ We shall see. We shall see.  I will put the three new bulbs in a place of honor and safety and then, hope I remember where, and 9 months from now, we shall see………..