Henriette’s Herbal Blog…..check it out

I love Henriette’s Herbal Blog. The woman is an absolute stitch: welcome to the bark side. Heeheehee. You will especially love the story about the naming of the beloved strawberry.

Today is the day I get my butt in gear (or, as Henriette would say, my tiney hiney), and get the pots on the front porch all duded up for the impending doom, I mean, happy holiday. Book club is here on Monday night so I shall be all tarted up, the tree will be lit, I will be lit, and food will be served.

I have a nine foot noble fir that is absolutely lovely. There are about 1400 lights on it, mostly little white with 300 being little blue. It still takes up about a quart of water a day. I almost hate to put ornaments on it. OK, maybe a few of the glass and feather birds.

Book Bags/Bookies will be served Beef Burgundy over egg noodles, green salad and wine. And its our cookie exchange, which, by the way, I also dislike. In case anyone from the club should read this, know that I don’t like the cookie exchange. I mean, who needs it? I don’t have much company, at least not until Christmas Day after 5p, and cookies are not what most of the folks here eat. So, they just sit around bugging me. And quite frankly, the idea of making 11 dozen cookies is annoying to say the least. I am not a baker. And we all know, my tiney hiney doesn’t need them. Thanks Henriette. (Another shout out for your zippy commentary).

We will also pick the next four books and if you want a good visual, just think about bunch of sugar hyped, wine laced, women of a certain age coming together to pick 4 books. We used to do a year’s worth in advance and we had some real dogs.

It is glorious and sunny and crispy cold at 33 degrees and I think I will take a nap, in the sunshine on the bed, with my new book, Kristin Lavransdatter by Sigrid Unset. 1100 pages of 14th century Swedish fiction. Won a Nobel Prize. Yummers. Then, at 4, will take in the family documentary called 51 Birch Street at our groovy independent theatre. And then watch Elf on TV tonite. And somewhere in there I said I would do the pots on the front porch. Ah geez.

Liz, note that I left the time stamp on the post. Now you can keep track of me. 🙂