Have you finished your homework?

Me neither. Just thought I would ask. I still have a couple of months to get things in order around here. I thought I would share with you my lofty and goofy-ass goals for the 2008 gardening year.

~find a place to put the hot tub bargain I couldn’t pass up a year ago. Yes, you read that correctly. A hot tub. A bargain. And while you are laughing yourself silly, just go ahead and keep it up. It is NOT like I can put it in the closet (like those stoopid yellow driving mocs I had to buy on sale cuz they were so comfortable and an unusual color and so unusual I feel goofy wearing them). Imagine the darling husband’s reaction to a hot tub bargain. Uh-huh. But it came with a couple of years worth of water treatment supplies.

~get a crane to install the 17 tons of sandstone steps I so lusted after, ordered and paid for. Alright, maybe its not 17 tons, but it is more than 5 tons and they are gorgeous and I wonder just how that is going to come together?

~I ordered $50 worth of seeds this week. I promise to share. Three kinds of heirloom tomatoes, Russian blacks. A gazillion varieties of warty and funky shaped and colored squash. And some zinnia seeds.

I am exhausted just writing about the first three things that came to mind. Think a nap is in order.