Happy Thanksgiving

To my friends and you know who you are……….

I promised I would send a hello to Christian and Nikko, my beloved pals from the East. They endured and made light of my traveling skills on the Salmon River a few summers back. Remember the luggage? Remember the drawing class? Remember how much fun you had at my expense? Well, I now know there are about 30 varieties of rhus, and I know a little more about the mountain mahogany. I made a halo of that for someone……….was that you C? I know that reading this you will recall the moment of my demise when I went flying over the edge of the raft……….dear Gawd, please don’t let me be the first one to fall out of the boat!!?? And there I was.

I will miss all of you this Thanksgiving. Love you all to bits.

Bo-Chi (short for Botanical Chick, as labeled by my favorite travelling companions……)