Well, someone hacked into my server’s platform (or some such kind of technical term) and when the boys put the blog site up again, they lost the header. The header is that cool banner at the top of the page. Having lost the white daisy against the blue sky, I will be making do for a day or so with a generic header. Just says ‘Idaho Gardener.” Straightforward.

Meanwhile, enjoying the bounty of the garden. Love those fresh tomatoes! Had BLT’s for lunch with ‘still warm’ ‘maters from the garden. Ensalata Caprese for dinner two nights in a row. Tomorrow: bruschetta pomodoro or warm grilled baguettes with a garlic and tomato rub. Also had some delish zukes grilled on the barbie with butter, parmesan and salt and pepper.
Rafting the Payette tomorrow with pals. Partied at Roaring Springs yesterday with my 3.5 year old nephew and the one year old neice Coral. I survived but feel like I may have been in a car wreck. That would be the water ride: the AVALANCHE, where you are thrown over the side in a raft only to freefall down a plywood platform and go screaming (literally) up the other side. Yikes.