Grow your own.

Grow your own. That’s the new mantra for healthy eating. No more partaking of food which has traveled an average of 1500 miles from field to plate. You call that FRESH?

Kitchen Gardens are THE RAGE this year. And hopefully next year and the year after that and on and on and on. Everybody’s doin it! And writing about it. Barbara Damrosch of the Washington Post wrote about kitchen gardens in her latest column. You can read it here, courtesy of Kitchen Gardeners International. (Thanks to the Washington Post as well). Please go to the KGI site at the aforementioned link and join. You’ll be glad you did.

There’s more, so very much more. My pal,Debra Prinzing has the big scoop on the Northwest Flower and Garden Show. The Northwest Horticulture Society is going all out with a 1200 square foot, three- part kitchen garden as the lobby centerpiece garden. Read about it here at Shed Style. Ciscoe Morris will be there. O – la- la!

I’ll be in Seattle for that show. I promise to take a notebook full of notes. To interview all the creative ones. To take tons of photos. To bring it all back to you, dear reader.

However, in the meantime, here is some homework. The temp outside is frightful – all of 16 degrees (yes, I say yes, I say yes, damn you earwigs, may you die a cold death…..more on that outburst later).

Here is some faboo armchair reading, to help you plot (heehee) your kitchen garden:

If you are a veteran of vegetable gardening or just starting out, Jennifer Bartley’s New Kitchen Garden book will be helpful to you. Planting, tending, harvesting and eating home grown food is an incredibly rewarding effort. The design of a potager, or kitchen garden fits beautifully into an all season landscape. Vegetable gardens need not be relegated to the quarter acre at the edge of the landscape. As Bartley shows us, a kitchen garden of herbs, fruits, vegetables and nuts can be tucked into flower beds or fancifully designed to stand alone. The book is beautifully illustrated and has many lush photographs. A helpful planting schedule for spring, summer and fall is included as well as an extended bibliography and source guide.

I will expand on this book review in the next day or so. I will add some resources for seeds and plants. I will create a potager and take you along for the ride. Yippee ki yeah! And I will not sing the praises of the $20000 outdoor kitchen. No siree bob.

About those earwigs. They give me the creeeeeeeeps. Just last week, I was strolling across the driveway, and found one meandering along the concrete. I was shocked and dismayed, I tell you. Shocked!!! I have been hoping for a nice cold spell to put those nasty bastards out of my misery. How deep does the soil have to freeze? We can go to zero and you’ll hear no whining from me for at least a couple of days if it takes out the earwig and aphid population. Bring it DOWN! I say.

Kitchen Gardens will be a recurring theme in the upcoming days, nights, months, and hopefully……..years. Hang with me.