Got a hankerin for stuffed ham

Seems like every year, just around Easter, I get all fired up and need to make an enormous mess and production in the kitchen. I gotta have me a southern Maryland Stuffed ham. And here’s a weird coincidence: I was surfing the net and checking for other recipes for stuffed ham and lo and behold, the New York Times has an article about the ham and our old stompin grounds, St. Mary’s County, Maryland. Here’s the link but no recipe.

Not everyone likes stuffed ham. But I adore it and made it my personal mission in 1982 to travel around “the county” as it is called, in search of the perfect stuffed ham sandwich. I have, in fact, eaten many a stuffed ham sandwich at the Willows, the restaurant mentioned in the NYT article. (Not to be missed at the Willows, when in season, you gotta have a soft shell crab sandwich. Once you get past the crispy little crab legs sticking out the sides of the sandwich, you will be rolling your eyes in ecstasy over the delish-ness of these local specialties).

Now I will go in search of a ham and a pillowcase and a my canning pot. When I get all the gear together, I will take you step by step through the process. In time for Easter.