Glory be…….laundry day

Oh suhweeeeeet bird o’ paradise! I am two weeks early this year in hanging my laundry on the clothesline. I know, sounds pretty corny, but there isn’t a bed in the world that can’t be made better by making it up with fresh sun dried sheets and pillow cases. No siree bob. I can’t wait to wrap up in a towel that is line- dried and all fluffy and smelling of ozone. MMmmmmmm. MMMMMMM. And how about a clean clean clean, soft, fresh tee shirt, still warm from the sun? Put THAT on after a shower. Sweet Baby Jeezus in the manger!

See, here’s the drill: go out and weed and prep and clean the garden for several hours and get all sweaty and happy. Come in before sunset, take a nice long shower, then towel dry with that clothesline fresh towel and put on sun and air dried duds, pour a cool glass of chardonnay (LaCrema would be lovely) and park your behind on the veranda and watch the sunset. THAT’s what I’m talking about.

Today’s temp in Boise topped out at 76 at my house, an all time record for the City of Trees. Not one to sit idly by, I marched right out to my friend’s car and we went zipping off for a shrimp cocktail, Mexican style, at Chela’s Mexican Grill. Then, to the new Home Fashion store to see what they have going on. It’s a permanent installation/remodeling show. Some interesting stuff but it’s not all up and running yet. Then, back across the 4 lane street all zip zip and over to D & B Supply to check out the galvanized stock tanks which will soon be appearing in my back yard as raised beds. I found a 4 footer (in diameter) that fits the bill for bed number one. However, my gal pal, Kerry, suggested I go with her to the metal recycling yard and the second hand store to see if they might not have some at a better price. Besides, we couldn’t get the tank in her car today anyway. BUT, we did get 2 fifty pound bags of alfalfa pellets (the perfect green fertilizer) on sale for $7.00. I scored a swanky new pair of Felco shears, and two new shovels. One is a shovel for my under gardener and husband, and the other one is a girlie or “floral” shovel for me. I can barely heft a full size shovel anymore……..especially when it is full of damp dirt and a clump of sumthin. And don’t even start on me about upper body strength.

Tomorrow morning, a lovely shower and a sun dried towel.