Glory be: Gaillardia

Here’s a tough perennial for the hot high desert garden: gaillardia. I can’t recall which cultivar is in the photo, but along with ‘Burgundy’ , if you stop watering them, they actually perform.

No? Oh yee of little faith. I didn’t believe it either. So I forced myself to turn off the sprinkler head that watered the area where I had planted Burgundy. That was 2 months ago. Surprise! It is still blooming and looking better than ever, and we are into September. It doesn’t flop. It’s strong. It has tons of blossoms. The one in the flower bed that is getting regular irrigation? Uh, yeah, the one the husband is in charge of? Near his turf (literally)? Watered 2-3 times a week? It’s almost died out, spindly, floppy, a few blooms, ratty looking.

Turn off the water. Just give it a try. You can always turn it back on.