“Give me land lots land under starry skies above…..don’t fence me in.”

Went to Logan UT this weekend with my pals to see the football game. I lasted most of the first half and only then because it was about 70 in the sun, the view from the nosebleed section of the stadium was incredible, I was hanging with chums and they sell hot dogs. I think the word for me is bon vivieur or bon vivant. I am a Western bon vivant.

Anyway, I took some snaps from the car at about 85 miles per hour. I am including those for reference. img_8469.jpgimg_8474.jpg

And then this when I got home




The last of the rosa Chinensis mutabilis, agastache ‘Ava’, echinops ritro, miscanthus sinensis ‘Gracillimus’, and one small helenium. Any minute now they will bite the dust. For one last afternoon, I am loving every second of what’s left of autumn.

Perry Swisher, an old newspaper curmudgeon, once said to a group of us: “Hemingway did not have a lock on the notion that autumn in Idaho and at the 45th parallel was gorgeous.