give a girl a break

For crying out loud. What is with this hideous weather? Just saw the forecast on Channel 7 for the next 7 and it was enough to make me want to hide in my room with the blinds pulled. Hello walls. Hello darkness my old friend.

Today: 101. That really means about 107 on my patio in the shade. Shhhhhheeeeeeeeet. (Yup, that’s a swear word). The day after, 99, then 97, 97, 96, 98, 97. Lows to 70. Sweet baby Jezus is the manger. Global warming? The coast is toast? You ought to see the spinny thingy on my electric meter. Just a flippin blur it is going so fast. Can’t wait to see the bill. Good thing I am on level pay. And the really depressing part of this: its just July. We still have to get through August.

My tomatoes are freaked out. Big brown spots in the lawn. Husband has been home and in charge so I know things are watered well and properly. Just no keeping up. Plants suffer at the cellular level at temperatures above 87 degrees. And really suffer when temp doesn’t drop at night. Yes, they have days and nights. But the eggplants are lookin good! I planted them really close together, six plants in a rectangular container. They seem to enjoy the close quarters and are putting on the fruits.

If you are good, dear reader, I will post two of my all time fave-oh-rite recipes using the incredible aubergine. One for caponata and one for eggplant stacks. Caponata is on my menu for the weekend. Can be made on the stovetop and it is good hot or cold. Anything that is good cold is on the menu. Like vodka and grapefruit juice. And caponata. Ice. Reflecting pool. AC. You get the idea.