Getting off to a good start

United Water of Idaho is offering their annual slate of Waterwise gardening classes starting January 3rd, from 6:00 to 8:30 pm at the Boise Public Library, 715 Capitol Boulevard.

If you haven’t taken the classes, you should. Then you can sit around with me and wonder why United Water offers them every year. If you corner one of their execs, they will tell you we really aren’t short of water at all. And they don’t plan to be any time soon. And the company makes money by DELIVERING water to your home. The company is the same company that owns the Suez Canal. A French company. Hmmmmmmmm.

And this just in from the newsdesk, The All American Rose Selection group has a design competition that is open to all. Check it out here. If you have a new area to design, or if you are designing for a client, toss your name in the hat!