Get tough with your garden (or, I’m not mean…’re just a sissy)

I was cruising the online newsletter from High Country Gardens tonite and came across a great short article on toughening up your plants. Apparently, it is smart to let your plants wake up slowly with the moisture that is already in the soil, and after they are up and showing signs of stress, THEN you give them a good, deep soaking. I was doing it backwards – watering them now hoping they would grow faster and get established before the heat comes on in June. The first few inches of my soil is pretty dry already. I live on a hill, with excellent soil and drainage and occasionally too much wind. I also tend to water more now and until the first of May because water is relatively cheap until May 1.

I know I know I know that it is good to be judicious about watering, period. We kill more plants in the desert of Idaho by over watering than by under watering. Everybody, including me, is just gonna have to toughen up around here.

Meanwhile, I can get in a lot of trouble just by staying home on a Friday night. No hot date, just a hot computer and some blogs. I was reading up on Cold Climate Gardening and Garden Rant. Both have posted dream lists of what they would buy if they had a winning lotto number. Next thing you know I have made an order for fruit and nut trees from St. Lawrence Nursery in NY state and am lusting over the Monet arches at Smith and Hawkin. Kathy Purdy’s photo of the long fenceline of snowdrops made me green with envy. I don’t have a single one. This year. Next year, I will be ogling my own little patch of snowdrops.