Gardens of the Wild Wild West makes its debut

OK, how about a soft opening?

I thought after 4 years as Idaho Gardener, it was high time to make a bigger statement, toss a wider net, giddy-up and cowgirl up and all. So, friends and neighbors and oh-so-gentle readers, I have moved Idaho Gardener to a new home, Gardens of the Wild Wild West. You can still get here through, but for now and ever after, you will be herded on through to the new site.

It is not a place for the faint of heart but for a wild ride and excellent adventure: big mountains, tall tales and endless vistas. Bluer than blue skies, blue water, little water, no water. Avalanches and sleet. Where the buffalo roam. This is the Great American West of legend, story and glory. As Wallace Stegner put it (or was it Teddy Roosevelt who said it first?), it is the “geography of hope.”

I ask you, isn’t the geography of hope another way of looking at gardening?