Gardening 365 – Making up for lost time in the garden

Friends, foes and countrymen, today we make up for the time lost last weekend when we spent the day helplessly and woefully watching the snow blanket our beloved gardens. Today I report on days 147, 148 and 149 in one post. Sorry, but that’s the way its gotta be, said the Queen Bee.

I spent part of Thursday in my painting class, painting Star Gazer lilies. No, you cannot see the canvas because I hate the painting. Better luck next time. Then, I scurried around the valley scooping up plants for myself and other people. Watered my plants that are still on the patio and not in the ground. Did get a few beauties all potted up on the front porch. Photo coming. Assisted fellow painters with horticulture issues, humor and design ideas.

Georgeous peony blooming big time. I’ve never seen it look this big or this good.

Friday: more plant schlepping. All over the valley. Gave business partner a whole lotta design advice. Check these out: