Gardening 365 – Days 55, 56, and 57

I could have fudged and set those posts to fire off every day, but no. I knew you’d be on to me. So trust me when I tell you I’ve had something to do with serious gardening/ecology/natural systems and water resources for the last several days. Up at 6, in my seat at 8, brilliant, visionary speakers all day ever day to the point my head is spinning. I shall do my very best to bring some of what I learned to you over the next few days. The big take home: there is so very much I don’t know, never will, not enough time to learn it all.

Let me say tho, Joel Salatin is a vibrant, gifted and entertaining speaker. And he is not a pigot. And no, I don’t know if he has a farmer’s tan. He was wearing a sport coat. Sheeeeesh.