Gardening 365 – Day 99 (woot! almost 100!)

If someone hadn’t pointed it out, I probably would have missed it. But here’s a building, looks to be a former mercantile type establishment (that would General Store to some of you), on the corner in Bow, Washington. The building houses a lovely art gallery, um, offbeat is a good adjective. This building, is wearing a skirt. This skirt, gets all ruffled up when the wind blows, giving a whole new visual to the term, “blow your skirt up.”

What on earth compelled someone to put a skirt on a building?

Since we are talking about very cool stuff, I have to tell you, I am putting in my request right now for my next birthday cake: Ina Garten’s Coconut Cake made w/TWO frostings. Talk about gilding the lily?! Yes, but go right ahead. Its near nirvana. It NEVER occurred to me to use TWO frostings on one cake. I sound incredulous don’t I? I am. TWO frostings. Paula, beloved member of Lorene’s tribe created the delish-us-nuss and we did our best to show her our appreciation. So, when it’s your turn to make it for me, it has cream cheese frosting between the THREE (that is another important bit: THREE) layers. The outside is all dolled up with a glistening, cloud-white, 7 minute frosting and the whole shebang has an angelic layer of giant coconut shavings on top. Thank you James for having that birthday.