Gardening 365 – Day 98 About the dog’s teeth…

Avalanche Lily, Fawn Lily, Glacier Lily, Trout Lily, Dog Tooth Violet – all are names for this glorious spring woodland beauty, erythronium ssp.I’ve always known it as a Trout lily. It’s native at the higher elevations, say near Cascade, in Idaho. This one in the photo was blooming in Lorene’s garden over the weekend, and I saw some bouquets of it at the West Seattle Farmer’s Market on Sunday. Take a gander:

What’s really cool about this plant? Its not a dog, it’s not a violet, its not a tooth. So what gives? Mary Pyper, hailing from Cutbank Montana and a garden lover to boot, set me straight: Dog’s tooth violet is so named because the bulb looks like a dog’s tooth. Well, I’ll be! Jan Roozen, Dutch bulb meister, just happened to have some of those teeth for me to buy:

I just love this kind of juicy tidbit. But if my dog’s teeth looked like that, I wouldn’t be in the same house with him.