Gardening 365 – Day 97

I am in love with learning. Always have been, always will be. This weekend was no exception, hanging with Dave Perry, Lorene Edwards, Heather McNeill, Mary Pyper, Doc Nancy, and various other peeps. Just want to share with you what I learned after spending several fun filled days, laughing my self silly, crying a couple times, gasping in amazement, and generally walking away with a gazillion new ideas.

1. Hellebores fade to green after they’ve been pollinated. This kind of reminded me of a dazzling prom dress/wedding dress. You get all dolled up to attract the pollinator and after its over, if the deed was done and successful, you start to swell (as do the hellebores) and the color fades. My analogy. I’m still giggling. Life imitates nature.

2. Negrita or Queen of the Night, one of those two purple tulips, all the rage for the last 20 years, is starting to falter. The blooms are getting smaller and smaller, probably due to over breeding in an effort to meet demand. Lorene, nursery owner/plant geek, pointed this out to me.

3. My tribe loves loves loves books: latest recommend from Mary Pyper: Hothouse Flower and the Nine Plants of Desire. Mary texted me the title after she went home. I was sitting in bed reading. From my laptop in bed in Seattle, I reserved it at the Boise library and picked it up today. When Mary speaks, I listen. Book review in a few.

4. The tribe shares a universal love of cured, fried pork fat.

5. Unconditional love is possible, “with at least one or two conditions.” Dr. Nancy

Tomorrow: the dog tooth violet, when buildings get to wear skirts, two kinds of frosting on one cake.