Gardening 365 – Day 89

There are times when you really want to shake your head and say, “Dude, what on earth were you thinking?”

Someone came to the Idaho Botanical Garden over the weekend, paid to visit and then demanded their money back cuz not much was blooming. Really? Have you driven around town? The magnolia stellata is good right now, some daffs, lots of daffs, squill, and a handful of red tulips. Oh, and the hellebores are doing their thing. But this is when I want to look at someone with my eyebrows raised and say, ” What is it you do not understand about the high desert (2800 feet) and 43.34 degrees parallel and March? No, really. And while you are here, look up and around you. The entire valley is ringed with snow covered mountains. Night before last, they had 6 new inches of snow.”

Here’s your money back, so go away.