Gardening 365 – Day 75 and GBBD!

GBBD is Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day, a garden meme instigated by my pal and fellow garden blogger, Carol, in Indiana. She has a rollicking good time w/Bloom Day, and often has a couple hundred participants.

I have some piddly but charming plants popping up, so all is not lost this month. March seems to be a very long month, almost as long as February in Idaho. I can see the title “snowbird” in my future. Not snow snake or snipe, just “snowbird”: one who seeks warmer climes and pina coladas during the winter months.

Here’s what’s goin’ on at Ranch du Bois:

My lovely unnamed hellebore.

Exquisite long blooming crocus.

Iris reticulata (note to self, you need a couple hundred more of these darlings).

The parrotia tree, with a gazillion unopened hot pink mophead blossoms. Ready to pop.