Gardening 365 – Day 68, Dear Friends and Gardeners

Dear Friends and Gardeners, especial Dee alynd Carol

Ladies, the salad bar is in, and getting rained on today, snow forecast for tomorrow. As I’ve said before, no good deed goes unpunished.

I a few of the climbing roses yesterday and have the wounds to show for it. Cane blight on both of them and as much as I hate to admit it, it may be time for a little bath of Bayer at their feet. And after cleaning my pruners, I went to work on some of the raspberry canes. Time to whack those back into submission as well.

I planted my poppies, tossed all the seeds in the triangle shaped bed where, if all goes as planned, they would put on a big show in May and June and then their ugly foliage would be hidden by the agastaches and penstemons as the season progresses. That’s the plan. We shall see if it pans out.

In the bloom department, I am happy to say my darling hellebores are going full blast, and the small purple iris are a happy vision. Crocus up everywhere. Tulips on their way.

Today, I must content myself by interviewing other gardeners for our local garden tour (which will be held June 13th). Just talking to other people about their gardens is a great exercise and uplifting experience. For a half hour, on a cold, gray March day, I am transported to another place. Gabrielle’s “bohemian paradise” beckons, if only in my mind’s eye. She had me so excited about blueberries I ran right over to this keyboard and ordered up the varieties she recommended. I will get some locally as well, but she swears by Ivanhoe and Herbert.

Ordered myself a new copy of Edward Abbey’s treatise on the American West, the classic Desert Solitaire. Also dipping (again) into Patricia Limerick’s Something in the Soil, Legacies and Reckonings in the New West.

Here’s hoping your gardening week goes well, the snow storms miss you entirely, and that Spring gets here soon. If all else fails, go hang out in your favorite nursery. I did today. Always good to see the girls at Edwards, stick my face in some big fat hyacinths, and breathe in the freshness of the gorgeous tulips and daffodils.

Your pal,
The Head Gardener at Gardens of the Wild Wild West