Gardening 365- Day 60

Today was another wild day in the wild west at Ranch du Bois. Meetings meetings meetings, nice sushi lunch, hair do, movie, work work work.

In between I had a big ol’ computer shopping day, clickety click style. Looking for species lilies I discovered some beauties at Klehm’s Song Sparrow nursery. Now, mind you, I was shopping for the rennovation of a bed in the English Garden at the Idaho Botanical Gardens. Came across this beauty:

Lilium martagon ‘Claude Schride’. So, 15 for them, and of course, 6 for me.

I am thinking we will plant these lilies under a big collection of peonies, which originally came from Klehms. The lilies grow to 4 feet tall, and I think they will be a nice look, popping candelabra-like up through the peony foliage.

Then, I called a local nursery and had them hold nine ‘PeeWee’ hydrangeas, the gorgeous oakleaf, or hydrangea quercifolia. The flowers a like small creamy thunder clouds and the autumn foliage is about the color of those species lilies.

Next, I ordered some seeds for salad greens, and red and gray/black: a mix from Renee’s that inclueded Splashy Troutback, some Seasoning Celery (whatEVER that is) and some lacinato or Black Palm Tree Kale. When they get here, I will gift a couple of those packets to some garden geeky pals. And that will make us all happy.