Gardening 365 – Day 53

What did I do today that had to do w/gardening? Ohhhhhhh, let me count the ways.

Preparing some p/r stuff for a client’s new website.
Stomped through the mud, slid through the mud, to measure and lay out a client’s new vegetable garden of raised beds.
Worked on some time lines for the Annual Garden Tour.
Packed for my trip to the Xeriscape Conference.
Went to a nursery and fondled the cane berries, and the asparagus crowns, and played in the hoop house w/pansies and primroses.
Read about gardening.
Admired my bashful hellebores as they slowly make their way forward into spring.
Chatted up the 300+ year old John Bartram, aka my pal Kirk Brown in PA.