Gardening 365, Day 29

If you haven’t already heard about this very cool undertaking, you need to be in the know: Idaho’s Bounty, the place to go to buy local foods online throughout the year. For a $75 membership, you can shop online, selecting from an abundant list of locally grown food items: organic produce, meat, flower, eggs, jams, jellies, honeys, fudge sauce, breads, grains, herbs, cheese, and the list goes on and on. Shopping is open at 8am on Thursday and closes at 11p on Sunday. Orders are delivered once a week to Boise (and other locations in the Wood River, Treasure, and Magic Valleys). Pick up is at Curtis and Franklin.

Check them out.

And while you are doing your homework on eating local, check out Guy Hand’s wonderful website, and on air programs with NW Food News.. He’s gotcha covered.