Gardening 365, Day 25

Female Farmers of America

There is hope for us. When I saw the lineup for this panel on Urban Farming, I stood up and started clapping. I applaud these people. I applaud these women. Talented, so hardworking, conscientious, dedicated, strong, visionary, funny and beautiful. My heart is full.

From Left in back, Mary Rohlfing of the renowned Morning Owl Farm in Boise, Lindsay Schramm of the new North End Organic Nursery at 2350 Hill Road.

Front left, my CSA farmer, slam poetess, gardener extraordinaire, garden designer Casey O’Leary of the Farm of Earthly Delights; and the lovely, 3 acres was not enough we are now on 85, Josie Erskine of Peaceful Belly Farms.. Josie was my first CSA farmer.