Gardening 365, Day 17

Before I got out of bed this morning I re-read most of the latest issue of Organic Gardening magazine.

I checked in w/several other garden writers, bouncing ideas around for future articles. Did some research and ordered a couple back up books. Went through the library to pull what I had that I need to bone up on. This, for a 500 word piece. But, hey, its a paying piece.

Gathered as much of the paper (trail) I could to pull together the 2009 taxes. Especially for Greenwoman Designs.

Reviewed the seminar schedule for the Idaho Nursery and Landscape Hort Program this week marking all the classes I want to attend. You would think I could be in two places at once. So, feeling spunky, I did the same for the Northwest Flower and Garden Show.

Tossed out the over and done La Paz, a cybister-type hippeastrum, a member of the amaryllis family. That my friends, is enough for one day.