Gardening 365 – Day 142. Rain and more rain in Boise

Friends and readers, I don’t recall the last time it stayed this cold and this wet in Boise. (Well, we had a very wet spring, say, 4 years ago.) It caused giant shade trees to just let go and tip over. We are about 20 degrees below normal in temps and its raining cats and dogs. Not really, the dogs are sound asleep on the sofa and the bed.

Truth be told, I find this a bit disheartening because the tomatoes are still being dragged in and out between the patio and dining room. I have a car full of plants from the wholesaler, the grass in the border beds is getting an obnoxious foothold, and there’s absolutely nothing I can do about it. I have perlite and potting mix dribbled all over the house and in the kitchen sink. This makes for hideous sounds when the garbage disposal goes round.

So, I ordered up some Netflix vids, have the gazillion page Wolf Hall to finish reading (Henry the VIII tale), and that’s that.

In the meanwhile, if anyone has some armloads of rhubarb, I am desperate for more. Why yes, this is good as any reason to drink!