Gardening 365 – Day 137 May 17th, Dear Friends and Gardeners

Buddies, amigos,amigas, pals, friends of mine,

Not a lot to report in the garden this week ‘save the gorgeous blooms from this weekend’s Bloom Day post. Yes, there are a few spring onions, a few spicy mixed greens here and there, but not much else to report in terms of growing food/canning/pickling/whatever. All the flowers are yelling “PICK ME PICK ME!” Big ol’ thunderstorm and cold front moved through, will take the temps down 10-15 degrees tomorrow. It’s been pretty swell, 75-80 the last few days. Cool will be good, I still have tomatoes to get in, sunflowers to seed, etc. Still have raspberries and strawberries growing strong. Every day I discover a few more baby pearlets. Today, I found an entire branch of pink-tinged teeny weeny pears.

Dee is the farthest ahead of us, so if her garden didn’t end up in Kansas last week, along with Dorothy and Toto and the Tin Man, she’s probably eating fresh sweet corn already.. I can hear Carol, ” I just packed my lunch: fresh lettuce and radishes.” Right? Right.

Well, let’s just say that until next week, I’ll be diggin it! Diggin’ in the garden. Maybe by then the red lettuce will be on MY PLATE.

From Ranch du Bois, where gardening is not for sissies,
Your pal,