Gardening 365 – Day 134 Glorious garden days

I have been making up for lost time in the garden this week. Oh, its so beautiful and lush and lime green. Lime green = spring.

Note to self: take some photos of the ever present weak spots in the spring garden and FIX THEM! For instance, I have some gorgeous red/yellow broken or Rembrandt type tulips that look hideous next to some purple alliums. I could use about 3 dozen more Purple Sensation alliums. There is a big bare spot behind the Japanese forest grass that is begging for some more Black Scallop ajuga, and something else very very blue. I need another half dozen deep purple sea thrifts, armeria rubrifolia, I think it is called. And don’t tell the under gardener, but its time to lose another foot of turf out front. Widening the planting beds I am I am. Shhhhhhhh. One of these days, I’ll have made it all the way out to the street and maybe he won’t notice.