Gardening 365 – Day 132 and things are lookin’ up!

Finally! Just when you thought it was too cold and windy to go out. It is. In spurts. But the weathermen (pshaw, what do they know?) are saying warm and nice for the next week. We shall see, we shall see.

Meanwhile, had a lovely opening night for the Lunaria League’s Open Gardens, first of the season series. Held last night at Russ and Janet Buscherts, on Floating Feather Road in Eagle. For 26 years they have painstakingly restored the acreage around them. It is glorious. Just glorious. Last night, they poured the wine, we took the walking tour, the firepit was ablaze, and all was well!

Thank you Russ and Janet for inviting us to your gorgeous home, incredible Idaho landscape, and warm fire!