Gardening 365 – Day 130

Whacked the daylights out of the apple espalier. Its the perfect time (for me) to do this, as I can see all the fruiting spurs. HA! They are the ones w/the big old blossoms or the remnants of blossoms. I wouldn’t know a fruiting spur from nothin. Got these trees pruned just in time as that damn cotton candy fungus or whatever was starting to show up again. Now the branches are opened up to the sun, and the air circulation will be greatly improved.

Planted the rattlesnake masters and filled the holes with chicken grit. That’s crushed granite. Provides excellent drainage. Flyboy got a little testy when I kept using his white swimming pool filter sand. Harumpf.

Still need to get all the tomatoes in and lots of other stuff. Yesterday, picked up hot pink tomato cages. Woot! Chachacha!