Gardening 365 – Day 128 Plant sale!

Gawd I love the plant sale! It’s like the best party EVER at the (Idaho Botanical) garden. Oh sure, they do fundraisers and fancy doin’s there, but there is nothing like the hub bub of a bunch of happy plant geeks snatching up the goods, drinking wine, chatting each other up, strolling the garden. Nothing. And it was a fine evening. A FINE EVENING, I said! Yes, I am shouting because everyone is sick and freakin’ tired of cold howling winds, snow flurries and hail. It was very nice, maybe 62ish or so. Sweater weather but sunny.

Here’s Miss Plant-a-lishus herself, with the other fab Lenzi female. Let’s just say the one on the right let fly some rebel-ass yell to start the plant sale. Quite unexpected and so screamin’ fun. I’ll play in her garden any day. Oh, and she bought about 4 wagonloads of plants. YOU GROW GIRLS.