Gardening 365 – Day 127

Ok, I waved my arms and bossed people around on a big project today. My favorite kind of work. It involved mondo trees and lots of space. More to do.

Still working on the BIG project. A leetle more time consuming than I thought. And that was BEFORE I looked up and the computer screen was upside down. Ha Ha Ha! That’s not exactly what I said and you know it. I called David. Then I called Ed. I was almost hyperventilating when I called Ed. Ed, beloved Ed, ended up downloading the manual for MY monitor and walked me through the alternatives. We got it fixed. Not until after I searched in vain for a valium or xanax or 2. Not until I kicked myself (mentally) around the room once or twice for not saving the gazillion page spreadsheet in Google docs in case the desktop went ka-blooey. OK, deep breath. One more. All is ok for now.

I recounted the apricot kernels on my Tomcot. I can see 5 teen-ninesy babies. Some fine showing that is.

OK, breaks over, everyone back to work.