Gardening 365 – Day 126

Rain snow mixed w/sunshine and the occasional rainbow. BIG gardening day.

Purchased 2 very orange hanging flowers what-ever-the-hell-they-are they are going in the two big driveway pots if it every gets warm.
Planted the blueberries.
Hung out the laundry so it could freeze dry.
Re-worked the plant library for the software program we are launching. Oh, I didn’t tell you about that? I’ll get to it.
Picked up the 12 artichokes that came in at Far West. 6 will be shipped to a friend.
Finished the outline for the big project. Shhhhhhh. I can’t tell you til next week.
Did the happy dance after seeing my words in a magazine. A real magazine. Mary Jane’s Farm. I’d do a head spin if I could. She wrote the loveliest introduction.

I think that’s about enough for one day. Whew.