Gardening 365 – Day 124, Dear Friends

Dear Friends and Gardeners,

Time for my weekly check in across the nation w/Dee and Carol. Its our second year of reporting to one another, on a weekly basis, how our gardens are growing. Especially our food gardens. Dee has the lead since she added a bunch of little peckers. Chickens. Laying hens. And the oddball mislabeled rooster. Well, just so ya know, the latest edition of Organic Gardening arrived today and its all about chickens and I am really close to getting some. Yes, I am.

Meanwhile, back at Ranch du Bois, the Fraises d’ Bois (fancy French strawberries of the forest for what THAT’S worth?)are coming along nicely. Little blossoms everywhere, and what looks to me to be the beginnings of some luscious strawberries. The razzles are setting fruit already. It will look pretty damn funny when I am standing in the garden in June eating fresh berries in a snowstorm. Well, judging from the weather here, it COULD happen. I call it: Global Weirding.

Loving our salads, even harvested a couple of very mild spring onions to saute w/the baby bok chois.

Sadly, I can only count 2 measly little apricots on the Tomcot tree. Boohoo in a basket. I did repot the rhubarb and the pears are still blooming their fool heads off. The apples are kind of meandering through their flowering season. That’s alright by me, take it slow and make it grow.

With the on again off again snow flurries and hard frosts, you will be delighted to know I am harboring my tomatoes as fugitives in the dining room. There is plenty of sunlight and I have to walk by them every day (they are likely to get watered). I turn them and talk to them. You don’t even want to know what else is on the veranda. Waiting, just W A I T I N G to be planted.

Then today, garden club. I got so fired up after Anju Lucas’s talk about clematis I had to wrestle myself to the garage floor to keep from driving over to Edwards to load up. There’s ALWAYS tomorrow. This evening, I downloaded their clematis list and will be checking it twice. Wouldn’t it be fun to plant a gazillion of those beauties and have them trailing and climbing everywhere? I thought so too!

Until next week,
In my long johns and polar fleece,
Nanook of the North