Once again: Rhubarbtinis!

Reprinted in honor of the fresh rhubarb in the garden………..


Gentlest of readers, yoohoo! Hello? It’s that time of year again. Time for the sensational seasonal sunset-a-lishus RHUBARBTINI!

I wrote about it several places, wanting to be the good hostess I am, teacher I am, wanting to share the love. I even told them about it over here: in Plants Worth Knowing and Worth Growing.

And then, Tigress in a Jam comes up with canning the luscious nectar of the goddesses. She calls it rhubeena. And yes, I clickety clicked myself on over the site for Weck canning jars and bought some up. Of course I did – faster’n you can say Jack Robinson.

Thanks to Lorene for the photo. I happen to know she was thrilled to drink these after. Yes, she was. No kidding.