Gardening 365 – Day 117, A Dear Friends and Gardeners day

Dear Dee and Carol, or Red Dirt Rambler and May Dreams Gardens,

At last. Something to report (of substance) in my veg garden. Heeheehee. The baby bok choi is up and edible. Woot! Tonite, sauteed baby bok and arugula, maybe w/a little salty smoky bacon (any excuse to work fried pork fat into this letter). Over pasta, with cream or half and half. Or without. Got any morels on hand? Me neither.

And tomatoes. I finally feel like a player. I have tomato plants. No, they can’t go out for another couple of weeks, but I have them. They are ready to go. I bought Super Sioux for its short growing time, Oxheart Gigantissimo for its name, Kellog’s Breakfast tomato based on Betty’s recommend as her favorite eating tomato last year, Carbon for its mysterious sound, Early pink for its being early, and Kentucky Beefsteak for its mondo size (up to 2.5 pound) size fruits.

Here’s Betty showing her stuff, and her trusty side kick, Hazel May

Flyboy the undergardener reports seeing blossoms on the razzles. Garlic is up. Baby green onions are up. Things are lookin’ up.

Your chipper gardening pal,
Head Honcho at Ranch du Bois