Gardening 365 – Day 116 Order UP!

I was supposed to be at my desk working. But no, I had to do anything but. Some of my friends call it “circling”, others call it what it is: procrastinating. And boy howdy, am I good at it. So, instead of putting words in a Word document to create an actual article, I chose to order up some new plants. And to be honest with you, I even left my desk and went and bought some new plants. So, I was supposed to be writing about gardening instead I was playing at gardening.

My single favorite purveyor of drought tolerant, high and dry country, best-plants-for-where-I-live outfit is the one and only High Country Gardens. In just a few minutes I scored some new acquisitions for Ranch du Bois. Clickety click. Shazam. Come to MAMA! Here’s what I ordered and here’s what I am thinking:

The NezPar is a hybrid from the Idaho native Indian Rice Grass. I think it will look smashing with the Ultra Violet salvia. Add to that the smooth looking rattlesnake master (those ordered from Forest Farm), and I think we have a winning combo. Or as Flyboy, the undergardener would say: ” winner winner chicken dinner!”

Oh, and those plants I bought? ‘Maters. 7 new tomato plants. Yes, gentle reader, they have to be babied for another few weeks, but you gotta get ’em while the gettins good.