Gardening 365 – Day 113: Eating my salad in the sink

Bet that got your attention.

I ate my salad right in the sink. No dressing, no nuttin. You may recall, I get positively giddy when I am able to pluck the living baby bok choi (tat soi) from the salad bar, run in the house, and while the little whippersnappers are still busy photosynthesizing, I rinse the organic soil from their dainty little roots and….eat them right out of the sink. Grinning like a fool. All the while thinking I have more live food in my house – in that sink – than an entire supermarket would contain in a gazillion square feet.

If that isn’t enough to float my boat, imagine my dee-lite upon discovering the swanky mara d’bois hubba hubba French strawberries have a blossom or two and at least one of the good old fashioned tiny alpines is loaded with blossoms.


Meanwhile, our losses mount. Jeff reports his wisteria looks suspiciously bare of blossoms and leaves are sparse. He lost THREE caryopteris, not just one. He added to his list, the loss of three photinia and his hakonechloa (Japanese Forest grass). This is grim.