Gardening 365 – Day 112 Things that are missing and tomatoes for sale

My pals, Debbie Cook, Jeffy, and I just did an informal and frightening inventory of the plants that are missing in our gardens. Can you call it an inventory if the plants are missing?

So far: my 10-11 year old Royal Sunset climbing rose. Dead. A goner. Deb and MA: all the Joe Pye Weed. Dang. Well, it needed too much water anyway. Deb: Clematis montana and possibly the sweet autumn clematis. Now that’s a total bummer. Jeffy: Say buh bye to the bluebeard spirea/caryopteris. I am not EVEN going to tell you how stupid I feel for killing a mint plant. No, really, I’m not.

On a sunny note, out pal and tomato Queen of Boise, one Betty Munis, has 166 tomato varieties for sale starting this Saturday. Can you imagine? $3 a plant. Healthy and beautiful. 615 Warm Springs Avenue. Plants on the front walk. It’s the honor system. You should hear Betty wax poetic about her tomatoes-my takeaway from the last time she hosted us for a tomato class: they are all about the root system! 10-4. See you on Saturday.