Gardening 365, Day 11

Of course I awoke at 2 am and realized I’d forgotten to set this to post on the 11th, eeeeeexxxcuuuuuse me. So, what did I do on Day 11 of 365? I partied down at a favorite nursery in Boise, fondled the Botanical Interest’s seed racks, all laid out and pretty. Gave a little pep talk to the staff about Armenian cucumbers and how they all will want to be growing them this year.

While there, I inspected the handful of “gone-over and unloved” amaryllis bulbs. I could have had them for a song, but I am outta room at my house for potted plants.

I watered all my indoor plants and inspected them for nasties:scale, mealy bugs, fungus gnats. So far, OK.

And yes, I backdated this.