Gardening 365 – Day 103

Today is a Dear Friends and Gardeners day, much to my chagrin. It has remained cold and windy here, with sideways rain just this morning. My little bit of lettuce is up, still staying close to the ground. I have not even been plant shopping this spring. Of course, a good many things found their way to my door:

6 new itty bitty rattlesnake masters, or eryngium yuccafolium. Oh boy oh boy. I first encountered this plant at the Lurie Garden in Chicago. Made me gasp it is so ethereal. Take a gander:

I have blueberries ordered. Who the heck knows where they are. Special ones, recommended by Gabrielle K.

I received my order of Espresso glads and the dark red martagon lilies. Plus, I’ve ordered a few more martagons, Claude Shride from Khlem’s Song Sparrow.

So friends, I hope your gardens are farther along than mine. I think I read somewhere you were both starting tomato seedlings already. Hahaha! I’ll be lucky to set my plants out by the 4th of July at the rate we are going.

Until next week,