Gardening 365 – Day 100!!! Scary as that is…

Yes, I am post posting this. Meaning, I did not get it posted yesterday, cuz I was too damn busy with garden related stuff. So, even though it says, April 9, I am really truly writing this on April 10th and I just busted myself so you don’t have to do it for me.

Day 100: Delivered a car load of plants to 1109 Warm Springs for the Boise Garden Club’s Plant Sale. Nice collection. As I was offloading it I managed to leave behind, in my car that is, a Midnight Penstemon Strictus. I realized, the entire grouping of plants could and should be sold as a collection/instant garden for a waterwise border. Lavenders, catmint, penstemons and blue oat grass.What a nice combo if I do say so myself. The sale is from 10-12 the 10th.

Strolled through the Botanical Gardens with my niece and part of her soon to be wedding party. Dilemma: Tom likes the Contemporary English Garden and Kate likes the Meditation Garden. Of course, Tom has excellent taste, but Kate’s the bride. She’s got it figured out already: Tom was toting the notebook. Personally, I think a notebook looks good on a man. Especially when he is taking notes of what I am saying.

Then, I noticed, much to my chagrin, the Pee Wee hydrangeas were placed to close together and that is my fault. Ack. Gonna have to move them to 4 foot centers. Shame on me. Obviously, I couldn’t do math late in the afternoon.

A good chunk of the day was also spent organizing lists of annuals, perennials, shrubs, vines, etc. At last count: 290.