Garden Writers Today

Katie EP of Cool Springs Press asked me to check in with them and tell them what I wanted, what I “NEED” as a garden writer today. Hmmm. Oh boy oh boy oh boy. I know exactly what I need. Let me tell you what I NEED!

I need a place, a website, a filter, a techie geek, a visionary, practical person or group of people to tell me what I need to know tech wise. Yeah, I know Guy Kawasaki is there, Seth Godin is there, Chris Brogan is there, Jean Ann Van Krevelen is there, Walt Mossberg is there but when I get there there is no there there. The information is scattered all over the internet and I need someone trustworthy to sort through the crap and hype and help me determine what I really really need (and yes, what I might want if I can afford it). I want to look, compare, ask, whatEVER! I want someone to help me sort out the importance and facts about Twitter, FB and the forty faces of Facebook, Networked Blogs for FB, Businesses on FB, Plurk, WordPress, FourSquare, Digg, the iPhone 3 vs 4 and when do you spring for 4 if not now? Do I need Photoshop and do I need a class for Photoshop and where can I get a class on Photoshop and can I get by with Adobe Photoshop elements? I want to put pictures in frames on my blog page. I want to add some pages to my blog, so it looks more like a website. I own a dozen For Dummies books and I don’t consider myself a dummy. I have them sent to my house via Amazon so no one knows I need Excel for Dummies, WordPress for Dummies, Elements……..

I see other people mastering these things. Who can teach me? Where do I go? My time is valuable too. Know that I don’t mind paying to have someone do it for me, but the whole idea of writing/blogging/self-publishing is doing it yourself. Show me how. And tell me what is coming at me. Help me decide if I need to do any, all or some of these things.

I just realized, I need a tech coach. That’s right, that’s what I need. A tech coach. Or a great class with expert-wizard-teachers. I’d like to spend a couple days talking to everyone about what they use, why they like it, how they found it, and what they think is next. No, I don’t want to spend a lot of money on this cuz the gear is already breaking the bank. Besides, all the hip tech people seem to know how to hack and jailbreak their toys so they can teach me those tricks too.

And I want someone who is nice to tell me this stuff. No looking down the glasses or making jokes of my inability to grasp the glory of a tetrabyte in a nanosecond. Be kind.

Just thinking about all this stuff exhausted me.

Katie, thanks for asking.