Garden Seminar, March 3, 2007 – COME!

This just into the news desk, from the Idaho Garden Clubs, an all day workshop on “Gardening in the Treasure Valley.” You can click over to the club’s website by clicking right here. Or, if you can’t download the registration form there, call Jan at 208.941.1754.

Dedicated gardeners from around this valley are trying like crazy to keep us up to date and in the know with the latest information and hot tips re: horticulture along the Boise Front and throughout the area. Three wonderful garden experts will be presenting on March 3rd at the Convention Center. $30 for a day of learning. A bargain I tell you!

Jean Findley’s garden was the cover and feature garden in Country Gardens magazine in 2004. Jean is a botanist by training with an artful eye for gardening. I still have that copy of the magazine with the photo of her split rail fence, the rolling hills of Eastern Oregon and the lovely plant combos.

Diane Jones is a beloved local xeric specialist who has worked long and hard to introduce native and water thrifty adapted plants into our local gardens. She recently opened Draggin’ Wing farms off Hill Road and has an incredible selection of fine xeric plants. Last year she carried the incredible giant purple salvia that I discovered in Meg’s garden and had to have. Now, there are a half dozen of them waiting to do their thing in my front garden.

Maurice Horn, of Joy Creek Nursery in Oregon, talks about gravel gardens for year-round interest. He also has 10 or 11 pages of clematis for sale in his catalog. (It’s time for the magic marker and list making.) Maurice has created a destination nursery for those of us who can’t stop at just one………plant. I know friends who will make a road trip to shop there……all the way over in Oregon. You know who you are.

I need to talk to him about my digtalis ferruginea. The first and only season it was magnificent, looked just like I wanted it to (inspired by the cover of Dan Pearson’s book, A Year at Home Garden). I really had it going on, the tall rust colored inflorescences amidst the breezy clouds of pannicum ‘Shenandoah’ and ‘Warrior’ and then ppflaaaaaat. All gone. I realize the digitalis is a biennial but would have thought it might reseed. Boooooooo hooooooo. Maurice, you may have to tote a dozen 4 inch pots over here for me. Whack-o garden gal that I am, I can always treat is as an annual. I probably overwatered it. Uh-oh.

See you there.