Garden Eye Candy

Gardening 365 – Day 194

I am too pooped to do any kind of brilliant, engaging, scintillating, captivating, mind invigorating post. Oh, let it be known I’ve done nothing but garden today. Mostly on paper. I cleaned up 125 pages (almost one third) of the manuscript for my project, the Rocky Mountain Gardeners Guide.

OK, I made time to spend 45 minutes cleaning up the thyme on the patio. You know, those dirty little mats that start to dry out and look like hell about now? The mats which harbor boatloads of mean little ants. And close by, the foliage from other things is harboring even nastier little bastards, the dreaded earwigs. The mats will really look like hell after the temps crank up to 95 later this week. OK, I spent some time cleaning that up.

And then back to my desk.

When I am too tired to do much else, I take solace in magazines. For the pictures. Friends, I found one of the happiest pictures I’ve ever snapped. Sharing it now.

I feel better already.