Garden Bloggers Fling in Seattle: 2011

The Emerald City may never be the same. We went, we shopped, we ate, we drank, we saw gardens, we saw sculpture, we gabbed, we ate and drank some more…
By the time I finished the 9 hour drive back to Boise, full of Starbucks, I was flippin’ vibrating. I have about a year to recuperate before we do it all over again.

Some highlights:

Fabulous luminous Jenny K from Horticulture

Just two of the Awesome Austin gals, Pam and Diana

WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Headed for the freeway.

And yes, some folks, the whippersnappers, knew not what that “thing” was.

Stone sculptures at the Bellevue Botanical Gardens

The coolth of the water from the house at Bloedel Reserve

Orb-a-lishus at Dragonfly Farms

Blackberry desserts to celebrate

...and a little sip of Blackberry Punch to celebrate Proven Winners!

And a grand time was had by all. Thanks to Lorene, Debra, Marty, and David for hosting us in Seattle.