Funky theme and List Friday

Apologies to all…..I love the new theme header I put up, unfortunately, I lost all the links and cool stuff that I had on the sidebar. I really struggle with this Word Press format. Seems like I need to take an all-day class to master it.

Lady Lo of the Pom family asks this week, “What TV show would you NOT be a part of?” Pretty much any of them. But specifically, never never never on Fox anything, never a reality show (are you flippin’ kidding? who watches this crap?), no no no no infomercials, no no no. And in my book, you hope you never have to be a part of 60 Minutes.

I had 5 minutes of fame on an HGTV show a few years back. That’s enough. The producer passed out on the ground as we were filming at the Idaho Botanical Garden. Can’t imagine why….it was 97 degrees and we were in the sun. Another day in paradise.

I would like to cook and be a smart mouth with Emeril. And, I ADORE Boston Legal. But in my wildest dreams the closest I plan to get to Boston Legal is to own a pair of the groovy plastic Philippe Starck chairs they sit in on the veranda.

Gotta run to get ready to host the NW Pacific Region Garden Club reception this afternoon. Pouring wine for over 100 attendees at the Idaho Botanical Garden.

And, don’t forget, this is the weekend of the Garden Tour. Tickets at every garden center in the Valley. Come one and come all.