Fruit of the day…….

Click on this link: to see the fruit of the akebia quinata. My goodness, I had no idea it produced fruit til my friend Jeff called last night and sounded the alarm! “Quick,” he said, “come over and look at the vine at my entryway!” Well, I was in my PJ’s so I just strolled out and took a little looksee at my akebia and YIKES! there they were! One fruit the size of a banana and one the size of an Easter egg eggplant. WHO KNEW?

Apparently the fruit or the seeds are edible……but don’t try this at home. I have no idea how to prepare the fruit or the seeds or what to do with them. And, there are two different colors of the fruit. My friend and garden guru gurl Crickett, at Far West, tells me her fruit on the vine is pale purple, like a pale eggplant. Mine are pale yellow. Wow.

Now, after all the excitement, back to making plum chutney. And plum jam, and plum-whatever concoction. I have the Cointreau out, so who knows what will happen in the kitchen.